Final Edit

This is our final edit, we have changes things that have mede our video better quality in sound. We also changed some of the titles.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Forrest Gump Opening Sequence

Mise en scene,

Is a feather floating in the wind with relaxing and quiet piano music that goes well with the sinking feeling as that is what the feather is doing. In the intro there are credits of the people in the film and important people that helped the film be what it is is mentioned.

It then shows us a shot of his feet and then pick up the feather that was falling in the opening clip.
The we see the main actor Forrest Gump.

He then puts the feather in to a book in his suitcase and ironically he puts the feather in a page where it is showing a picture of the sky.


How they filmed the sky in those days would have been with a crane jig, to get the ugh angle shots. With the one of the building the tour have put the crane on top of a building to get the shot above the houses.


They used great music like I said as it was relaxing and in a way quite emotional, when the the feather was falling this might resemble that Forest if feeling lonely and down, that sinking feeling of sadness.

The way that the edited, At the beginning there are no changes to the clip until after Forrest puts the feather in to his book then it goes on to the bus arriving. So it is a very smooth intro to the film with the camera shots proved which are very impressive and must have taken a lot of planning to get it right.

By Alexander Freakley

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