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This is our final edit, we have changes things that have mede our video better quality in sound. We also changed some of the titles.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Point 14 Film opening scene of (Touch of Evil)

                              In the film Touch of Evil its genre is Film Noir,

In this shot is is important as it is showing who is the production company.

In this shot it is a key shot as it is a bomb that is going to be used and has a time set for 4 minutes for what i can work out it to be for. 

This it the most important shot in the whole film as it is showing us the viewer that the person is setting the bomb that we saw from the last shot in to someones car.

This shot back up my point in the last shot as it shows us that the car that has the bomb in belongs to a couple. It is also showing to us that they are getting on to the car and about to go some where and my guess is home. But they could be leaving from their home and off to some where.

In the is shot we see that they are in the street and have been told by a traffic cop to wait.

 In this shot we see that they have stopped outside a restaurant of some kind and has the place where the people will take the car for them.
In this shot we see a lot of police around the car and I thought that the police has been tied off that there is bomb in the car but seems the be just a chatting scene between them.
In this scene it is the couple that were at the stand where the car stopped where I thought was a place for the car to be picked up but was not but it could still be but they just stopped to say hi.
In this scene we see the car blowing up as the timer ran out of time.

These key shots above I will use as inspiration for my coursework because:

- It has some great shots like when the car explodes as it a long shot but I do not intend to have any explosions in my video.

-  I like the lighting as it is well done even thought it is black and white with the lighting the creates more white and removes the black but to keep a good balance it what I will be doing in my video.

- The bomb prop I might use but as I said there will be no explosion  but will have it as a countdown scene to deactivate it.

By Alexander Freakley

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