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This is our final edit, we have changes things that have mede our video better quality in sound. We also changed some of the titles.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Point 18 Research on which films people think have a good intro.


We all know that first impressions are important, right? Well, the same goes for film. The opening title sequence of a film is that film’s opportunity to make a good first impression on you, the viewer. A well-crafted title sequence introduces the audience to the tone and theme of the film as well as the cast and crew.

Casino Royale - 


Great intro, brings the bond out of you.

The best intro i have seen yet.

Really suits the theme guns and cards and action,

Lord of War-

Wow, so cleaver and love how it is done.

Perfect into for the film very relatable.

Love guns and is a cool but short inside to how the bullet are made.

Catch Me If You Can-

Love how it makes it look like when you enter the airport, great.

Love airports, was a cool intro.

Great film and great intro, love it.

Really cool love it.

By Alexander Freakley

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