Final Edit

This is our final edit, we have changes things that have mede our video better quality in sound. We also changed some of the titles.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Point 15 Touch of Evil clip

In this clip that I have chosen to put on my blog is a Film Noir movie. It is all in black and white and is about a couple that had come out of their house and before they got in to the car a man put a bomb with a timer in to the boot of the car. We then have the camera follow them through the high street and there is that thought in the viewers head (when will it blow up?) That is what makes the clip interesting and even though I have no intention of using the time period and having my clip in black and whit but not having it in black and white if a final decision but what I do like is the camera angles that have been used and will try to repeat them for my clip.

By Alexander Freakley

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