Final Edit

This is our final edit, we have changes things that have mede our video better quality in sound. We also changed some of the titles.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Point 1 of the evaluation 9 Shot Grid

Shot 1,
I chose this shot to show the audience the title. It is well positioned within the clip and just by seeing one frame you can already work out what is happening. The text used is also a typical text used in film noir films.

Shot 2,
I love this shot as you get a clear title. It really does stand out with the effects that we added in the editing software Premiere Pro. This is also a common shot used by professional film directors to highlight a principal actor.

Shot 3,
This is a great shot as it gives us a view from a distance and a sense of the surroundings where the action is taking place. Also in this shot you get to see all of the actors.

Shot 4,
This shot shows us what the actor is doing and gives some clues to what the story is about. We added the knife sharpening sound as an effect when we used this scene in our film to add effect and content to the film.

Shot 5,
This shot it is a low angle so that we could get a shot of the actor walking in front of the camera through the leaves. We also added the sound effect of a person walking through leaves adding more content and sound to the film.

Shot 6,
In this shot, we have one of the actors being beating up by another actor. We have a nice close up of him before he steps back from punching the actor, when he steps back he says in German "Ja Ok" this it then translated to the audience by text saying in English "Yes Ok". This has added content to the film as we had added a foreign language with the use of subtitles as well.

Shot 7,
This shot is of the actor that has been beaten up. He is talking to the main character (Alexander Freakley). There are no titles in this shot, but there are no sounds except the one voice coming from the actor in the shot saying  "go to hell". This is adding drama and content to the movie.

Shot 8,
In this shot you see the knife pressed agents the actor's neck. This shot is vital to give the movie some feeling of menace. The actor holding the knife says "One last chance!"; this makes the audience wonder what will happen.

Shot 9,
In this shot you can see that the actor with the knife has just stabbed the other actor. We then have the camera pull up from the scene giving the feeling of leaving the area corresponding to the actor's life leaving him.

By Alexander Freakley

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